PCAP envisions a world where personal and collective prosperity, justice and common good stem from better education, leadership and social engagement. To realise this mission, we implement projects in the areas of:

grade Education

PCAP delivers projects as well as coaching and mentoring sessions that enable beneficiaries to use education as a tool for personal and collective improvement.

grade Leadership

PCAP provides beneficiaries with the training and nurturing they need to become effective leaders and change-makers.

grade Social Engagement

PCAP trains, nurtures and encourages beneficiaries to become agents of positive social change.

As we implement this mission we adhere to the following values:

grade Integrity

PCAP engages with African knowledge and expertise as an inspiration for improving the lives of the disadvantaged, and is built upon strong moral principles related to honesty, professionalism, accountability and transparency.

grade Justice

PCAP believes that it is the right of all people to have access to, and engage with, processes which develop them as agents of change in their respective communities.

grade Respect

In dealings with all people, PCAP believes in the principles of respect towards their feelings, wishes and rights.